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November 2023 - Week 3 Edition

Honor the 60th Anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s Untimely Death
With the Popular Brilliant Uncirculated 90% Silver 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars

This week marks the 60th anniversary of the shockingly sudden passing of our very popular young 35th President, John F. Kennedy, only 46 at the time, and forever young in our memory. I was only nine at the time, but my parents were active in his campaign and I backed him in my own way. My father was the district attorney for juvenile court in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where I grew up. We were a Catholic family, as was much of the state of Louisiana, so the Kennedy campaign stopped in Lake Charles to gauge what the support might be for a Catholic candidate in Louisiana. At the time, a Catholic President seemed hard to accept. In 1928, Democratic candidate Al Smith’s Catholic faith contributed to his loss to Herbert Hoover.


Senator Kennedy and his wife Jackie decided to make a pre-presidential campaign stop in Lake Charles in 1959 for a dinner with area supporters, including my attorney father. My mother, a LaGrange Jr. High School history teacher, also attended. In fact, she asked Senator Kennedy to write something inspirational for her pupils on the dinner menu. The Senator thought a moment and then paraphrased a quote from Daniel Webster, one of the “Profiles in Courage” studies in his Pulitzer Prize-winning book of that name. My mother said he started writing the quote by Webster from memory, using the word ‘develop,’ twice, but my mother told me that Jackie Kennedy then leaned over and politely suggested a correction to the actual quote, using the correct word ‘build,’ so Jack quickly crossed through ‘develop’ and wrote ‘build’ and then continued.

Here is Senator Kennedy’s amended quote of Daniel Webster on the menu, as it reads in full:

“Let us develop the resources of our land, call forth its powers – build all of its great interests – and see whether we also in our day and generation may not perform something worthy to be remembered.”

--- Daniel Webster: “To the pupils of Mrs. Fuljenz, John F. Kennedy”

He had a good (not perfect) memory, leaving out a few words – since the space on the menu was limited. I have included a photo of a plaque containing the actual quote from Webster, as well.

Mom’s students were as inspired as any 8th graders could be when she showed this “menu” to her classes. The original piece hangs today in a prominent place in my living room, in remembrance of my mother, her dedication to education and my parents’ special night with the future president. Mom also told me that she thought Jackie was charming, and she “looked like she had just stepped out of a beauty parlor.”

On this 60th anniversary of the President’s untimely death, we want to make this special offer of 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars. At the time of his death, JFK was so popular that the U.S. Mint did not wait the typical minimum of two years to strike a coin in his honor, but quickly released a 90% silver Kennedy Half Dollar on March 24, 1964, four months after his death. The front (obverse) featured a strong portrait of President Kennedy gazing ahead, as if into the future, with a calm yet determined look on his face. The portrait was so perfect and the demand so overwhelming that people lined up for blocks outside banks to acquire the new Half Dollar on the day of its release, and for several days afterward. Later on, after President Lyndon Johnson removed most of the silver from U.S. coinage in 1965, these Kennedy Half Dollars were “clad,” containing only 40% silver content. So, any circulation strike dates after 1964 do not contain the original 90% silver content.

Considering my family’s memory of Jack and Jackie editing the Daniel Webster quote together in 1959, I also like to point out that Jackie Kennedy played an important part in the final look of the Kennedy Half Dollar. It was designed by the Mint’s chief sculptor-engraver at the time, Gilroy Roberts, and it became his most beloved coin design. After the first proof coins were struck, Jackie asked for revisions in the way her late husband’s hair was shown, and these changes, of course, were made. As a result, there is a variety known by collectors as the “accented hair” variety on proof 1964 Half Dollars struck before the change was made. That’s how great rarities are created!

We have a limited supply of brilliant uncirculated 1964 Kennedy Halves of 90% silver in our vault for this special promotion, and we are offering them for only $13 per coin (limit of 10 per household) with free postage, while supplies last. Call your representative this week – the number is on the homepage of our website if you don’t have it already saved into your cell phone – to ensure your share of these wonderful coins honoring our 35th president.

Gold Rose $75 An Ounce in Just Over A Week

In addition to the video of my interview with former Republican Presidential hopeful Steve Forbes and his co-authors of a great recent book on “Inflation,” I wanted to transcribe his answers as well. We’re almost done, and I didn’t want to rush anything out before Thanksgiving, so we’ll bring that to you next week.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Steve Forbes Transcription Nearly Complete – Published Here Next Week

Gold rose $75 over the past week, or so, climbing from $1,932 on Friday, November 10, to $2,007.51 on Tuesday, November 21. Silver also rose from $22.22 to $23.91.

Both metals dipped a little Monday morning, November 20, but have recovered well in afternoon trading and into Tuesday. Part of gold’s gain last week was attributable to the annual Diwali celebration in India last weekend, while the greater gains in silver (+7.2%) and palladium (+8.5%) last week are likely due to lower inflation and the prospects of earlier interest rate cuts that could spur industrial growth and stronger vehicle demand.


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