11/18/2009 Universally Experienced Coin Lawsuit Consulting

2009 Numismatic Literary Guild Award Winning Coin Expert Mike Fuljenz, universal experience with coins, coins scams, coin frauds, coin law and lawyers specializing in coin litigation, has uniquely qualified him to consult on coin lawsuits and other coin related disputes.

Mike Fuljenz's father, Ray, was a lawyer and prosecutor who assisted Mike when he was President of his local coin club and Chairman of the Louisiana State Coin Convention.

Prominent attorney and former President of the American Numismatic Association, David Ganz, presented an ANA Presidential Service Award to Mike for his universal service to the numismatic community. Mike, a former authenticator and grader, for the American Numismatic Association, taught ANA summer seminars on grading and counterfeit detection over two decades.  Students of Mike have included collectors, dealers, lawyers, investors and law enforcement personnel. 

Mike Fuljenz provided consultation on consumer protection guides for the U.S. Post Office and the Federal Trade Commission and has worked with his local Better Business Bureau on customer service topics. He has assisted State Attorney Generals with coin scams and has provided similar NLG award winning reporting nationally on CNBC-TV, WOR Radio and locally on FOX TV-4.

Mike Fuljenz serves on organization boards both in Beaumont, Texas and nationally and has been a major contributor to editors of most leading price guides and coin publications.  He has also written numerous NLG award winning articles and books.

Mr. Fuljenz has worked with law professors and lawyers who specialize in legal matters regarding Do Not Call, telemarketing, publishing, State Bar, advertising, internet, organizations and a universal array of coin law matters. Lawsuits are becoming a “normal cost” of doing business for larger companies.

Mike Fuljenz is uniquely positioned with his numerous contacts to assist those involved in a coin related dispute or can recommend someone else who can help.