11/17/2009 Coin Lawsuit Topics Are Universal

Surveying the internet for subjects of coin related lawsuits reveals a truly universal array of coin lawsuit topics.

The U.S. Government has been involved in numerous lawsuits over the years.  Some of the subjects of their lawsuits were copyright infringement, rare gold coin ownership, coin designs, In God We Trust on coins and deceptive coin manufacturing.

The FBI and Secret Service have been involved in stolen coin and counterfeit coin lawsuits while Attorney Generals filed lawsuits against coin dealers.  There has even been a coin related lawsuit involving a governor.

Grading services have been involved in lawsuits regarding attribution of coins and their treatment by various businesses and organizations.

Auction companies have been in coin lawsuits regarding trademark infringement and bidding disputes.

Coin dealers have been in lawsuits regarding employees, coin values, ponzi schemes and coin descriptions.

Magicians have filed coin lawsuits for the revealing of their secrets.

Gaming companies have filed coin lawsuits regarding their slot machine practices.

Lawyers have filed individual coin related lawsuits and class action coin lawsuits.

Some coin lawsuit judgments ended up being paid for totally in coins.

Celebrities have been involved in coin lawsuits.

There are coin experts who specialize in coin lawsuit matters.

There are also lawyers who specialize in coin lawsuit matters. 

Coin organizations have been involved in lawsuits regarding coin business practices and employees.

Coins are no different than many other areas in our life in that some disputes end up having to be resolved universally by lawsuits.