America's Gold Expert® Mike Fuljenz Received "The Clemy" At 2013 World's Fair of Money

America's Gold Expert® Mike Fuljenz, received multiple awards during the annual World's Fair of Money, including one of the profession's most esteemed honors, “The Clemy,” for his consumer protection and education work in rare coins and precious metals.

Mike Fuljenz was honored at the World's Fair of MoneySM with six prestigious awards, including one of the profession's highest accolades, for his educational writing, consumer advocacy and service to the rare coin and precious metals community.

Sponsored annually by the nonprofit American Numismatic Association, the World's Fair of Money is the largest international event in the United States for collectors and dealers from around the world. 

Mike Fuljenz with the Smedley and Clemy awards, two of the six important national honors he received at the 2013 World's Fair of Money near Chicago.

Mike Fuljenz was honored at the World's Fair of Money with six prestigious awards, including one of the profession's highest accolades.

At the August 13 - 17, 2013 convention near Chicago, Fuljenz was honored with "The Clemy," the top award of the Numismatic Literary Guild (, a respected nonprofit organization composed of authors, editors and publishers who cover rare coins, paper money and precious metals. He also received four additional NLG awards for his educational and consumer protection writing and broadcasting about rare coins and precious metals..

Known as America's Gold Expert®, Fuljenz now has joined the esteemed ranks of distinguished writers who have won the award that is named after its first recipient in 1968, Clement F. Bailey. The Clemy is "the highest honor of the NLG" and is bestowed annually "in recognition of writing skill, dedication to numismatics, sense of humor and dedication to the Numismatic Literary Guild," according to the NLG's description of the prestigious award.

In addition, Fuljenz received the NLG's James L. Miller Award presented for the best overall article of the year, "The Ultimate Saint: The 1907 Indian Head Double Eagle Could Be The New Face of Numismatics." (Fuljenz is the author of an award-winning book about historic U.S. gold pieces, Indian Gold Coins of the 20th Century.)

Fuljenz received two NLG television awards for his monthly "Coins and Precious Metals Report" segments on KBTV Fox 4 in Beaumont and for a video produced with David Lisot of an educational seminar at the Money Show of the Southwest.

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He also was honored by the NLG with the top award in radio for segments on KLVI 560 AM in Beaumont about potential problems consumers may face by selling their rare coins and gold items to so-called hotel buyers who move from town to town.

Fuljenz now has received nearly 50 NLG awards in 12 different categories the past two decades for his coins and precious metals consumer protection and education work, and is the only person in the entire western United States with that record of achievement and recognition from his peers.

During the World's Fair of Money convention, American Numismatic Association President Tom Hallenbeck gave Fuljenz the ANA's Glenn Smedley Memorial Award for his significant volunteer contributions and support of the association. It is one of the association's top annual awards.

"I personally knew Glenn Smedley when I worked at the ANA headquarters in Colorado as a rare coin authenticator and grader in the 1980s, and I'm proud to be the recipient of the award named after him," said Fuljenz.