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Michael Fuljenz admits, "I love coins. From the very first Indian quarter-eagle gold piece I bought for my personal collection, to the latest batch of twenty-dollar gold pieces that I gathered together for a group of collectors, I've been hooked." Michael adds, "I worked hard, saved up to buy favorite coins and embarked on what I know now is a lifelong love affair. Coin collecting fires my imagination, and I want to pass my love of coins on to others."

Numismatic Specialization:

  • Coin grading
  • Coin authentication
  • Coin appraisal
  • Coin fraud concerns
  • Coin fraud lawsuit help
  • Coin arbitration help
  • Coin attorney help
  • Coin & bullion advice

Luckily, I've turned my love for coins and the glimpses of art and history they convey into a vocation. I've been privileged to share my fascination with thousands of collectors and investors, many of whom have become lifelong friends along the way.

A Note from the Numismatic Crime Information Center

Numismatist Mike Fuljenz is lauded by Doug Davis for his classes about the complexities of numismatic crime

Mike Fuljenz helps 42 Florida detectives become more knowledgeable about how to handle and investigate numismatic crime.



ICTA Thanks Mike Fuljenz

As you probably know, ICTA is the national trade association that is the “watch dog” for the coin/precious metals community, most especially on the federal level. We’re a comparatively very small association and can only do so much with our small staff. When being proactive with in-state dealers to try to achieve a state sales tax exemption on coins and precious metals, they usually hire a lobbyist and then work with ICTA for the education part. We then all work together to first educate the lobbyist who then may find an appropriate legislator to sponsor the bill before going to the next step of educationg the rest of the legislators. This slightly an oversimplification, but you get the idea.


Successful Achievements and Awards In 2013 For America's Gold Expert®, Michael Fuljenz

Michael Fuljenz was honored the past year by numerous national and local organizations for his professional writings and consumer protection work as well as his civic activities. Major news organizations, including Fox Business Network, Forbes and NBCNews.com, sought his comments regarding the rare coin and bullion markets, and he was featured in a profile story in the Beaumont Enterprise VIP magazine.

"I've always tried to provide the public with must-know information so they can make informed decisions before they buy or sell rare coins or bullion coins. I am grateful for the recognition of my consumer protection and education efforts," said Fuljenz who is known as America's Gold Expert®.


The Mike Fuljenz Metals Market Report

July 2014, Week 3 Edition

Gold rallied strongly last week - while stocks declined - due in most part to the escalation of violence in the Middle East. Hundreds of missiles were launched into Israel and the ISIS militants gained ground in Iraq. As a result, gold kept rising last week, based on its role as a global crisis hedge. But on Monday, July 14, gold suffered its worst one-day collapse of the year, falling $30 back to $1308 on some negative fundamentals for gold supply and demand, namely (1) India is not reducing its gold tariffs from the currently stiff 10%, (2) Chinese demand has trended down recently, and (3) mining companies have resumed their forward-selling of gold output, which tends to put a damper on any gold price increase.


Rare Gold Coin Performance Charts

For decades, I have liked better-date rare gold coins. I even wrote multiple NLG award-winning books about them. Currently I believe it is a historically opportune time to acquire select better-date gold coins in better grades. This week’s graphs show how a portfolio of multiple or fractions of coins totaling $10,000 in different rare gold coins would have increased in value over the time indicated that I have purchased them. These graphs reflect the price gains of actual coins I have been fortunate to buy, showing an increase from $10,000 to as much as $65,000.


Fickle Wall Street Traders Rush In (And Out) Of Gold

According to the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the net long position in gold futures rose 20% in the week ending July 1, the highest weekly gain since March. The trend continued last week, when the CFTC data showed that large speculators continued to raise their net-long precious metals holdings in the week ending July 8. In the first half of 2014, net long positions rose four-fold (+300%).

Last week, gold ETF holdings also grew at their fastest rate since 2012 - when gold prices were much higher - as some gold bears came out of hibernation and bought gold. Alas, some of these same fickle traders pushed the panic button early this week and sold their gold positions, pushing the metal down.

In bullion coin sales, Australia’s Perth Mint sold 39,405 gold ounces last month, a four-month high. June American Eagle gold coin demand was 48,500 ounces, 37% above May and the best month since January.


Fox 4 KBTV: Mike Fuljenz and Jessica Guidry honored with NLG 2013 Best Television Report Award

Mike Fuljenz discusses the billions that America would save by eliminating the penny and the dollar bill.

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America's Gold Expert® Mike Fuljenz Received "The Clemy" At 2013 World's Fair of Money

America's Gold Expert® Mike Fuljenz Received 'The Clemy' At 2013 World's Fair of Money America's Gold Expert® Mike Fuljenz, received multiple awards during the annual World's Fair of Money, including one of the profession's most esteemed honors, "The Clemy," for his consumer protection and education work in rare coins and precious metals…


Gold Expert Mike Fuljenz Speaks to Police Agencies on Numismatic Crimes

certified rare gold and silver coins by texas coin dealer michael FuljenzMichael Fuljenz was a keynote speaker at a special training course for Texas law enforcement personnel on the topic of investigating crimes involving rare coins, bullion and jewelry. Mike provided seminar participants with information on where they can promptly get assistance


Report from the World's Fair of Money in Chicago

Watch Video: Report from the World's Fair of Money in Chicago

At the American Numismatic Association (ANA) World's Fair of Money in suburban Chicago this month. I am happy to report that I was interviewed by Jeff Flock of Fox Business News, as the show was winding down. He commented on the massive (five-hour long) line of investors wanting to buy the new reverse proof buffalo gold coin from the U.S. Mint. We both noted the rising interest in physical gold.

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ICTA Board of Directors Member Mike Fuljenz Goes to Washington to Support the Collectible Coin Protection Act

Mike Fuljenz with Rep Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) and Rep Jimmy Hayes (R-LA)

I am urging coin collectors and investors nationwide to promptly contact their Congressional representatives in support of the recently introduced Collectible Coin Protection Act (HR5977).
I was among a half dozen of the country's numismatic leaders who met in Washington, DC on June 28, 2012 with Congressional leaders and staff members to discuss the importance of the proposed legislation to protect the public.


KFDM-TV Channel 6 Crime Stoppers Interviews Mike Fuljenz

KFDM-TV Channel 6 in my hometown of Beaumont,Texas recently did a Crime Stoppers story about a Texas dealer who reportedly paid only $16,000 for nearly $250,000 of coins sent to him by an 82-year old California woman. The interviewer asked me for consumer protection advice so other people can avoid encountering this kind of problem.